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Nice spin. First of all, they don t buy the bundle. They simply subscribe without cost to see what they offer. It is common knowledge that only 10% keep utilizing it, 30% if you think maybe Spotify. If you are going to challenge, you might also need to challenge Spotify s active subscriber claims that only 30% of new registered users are active Good luck. My bullshit is backed by evidence.

This would have been revolutionary and would have shown that Apple actually values music: A fixed pay-out rate per play. Why should the price tag of music fluctuate with the quality of (mis)management of streaming services? By that logic, the electric company should accept my payment being a proportion of my income on any given month, rather than be prepared to bill be on my small actual usage.

2) So far as I know, offline playback of licensed songs through Spotify s software are counted towards a user s plays. I would suspect that the premium subscriber (the only users who can download songs for offline playback) using offline mode must connect once ever 30 days to ensure the application to see if her or his subscription is current, & this is how the plays would be reported. This doesn t cost Spotify anything they re still spending a similar total revenue, it only effects the variables within the algorithm Spotify uses to calculate who gets what.

And what does Ron Jeremy do in his extra time https://tourticketbox.com/kane-brown? Hang out at swinger’s clubs making love, because it is exactly what he wants to do. Just like artists should always be jamming and practicing offstage, even if there is no audience (a minimum of a big one). From the moment I walked in to the doors of Plato’s, I knew I was home,Jeremy wrote about his late-70s exploits at the wild New York club. It was a swingersclub straight from the smuttiest edges of my imagination.’

Gary, you re the top of the NATB. You have this type of vested curiosity about ensuring that this doesn t happen again because your entire members are ticket scalpers! This is hilarious seeing that the Financial Times just reported that T. Swift made $150 million more in tour sales just from doing this. That s $150 million that your ticket scalping members missed out on plus more millions that they ll keep passing up on later on. As a fan of music who hates ticket scalpers and choose to my money go to the artist in addition to their label I am enjoying this moment way too much.